Hi. I'm Daniel. I write Science Fiction.

My novels focus on interpersonal relationships and identity in the larger context of unconstrained technology, oppressive society, and gratuitous nudity. Also explosions. My writing is inspired by an undying obsession with computers and technology, a desire to communicate emotion with words the way Beethoven did with music, and my professional work at Austin-based Uplogix, Inc.

All of my books take place in the Vinestead Universe, which is an alternate reality running parallel to ours but with better technology. The latest entry, Por Vida, examines questions about the nature of synthetic existence introduced in Perion Synthetics. What changes when we lose all biological feedback and impulse? Who do we become if our memories are stolen away?

Drop me a note if you have any questions, concerns, or flat-out objections to anything you read in my stories. Though, please note that I'm a very busy man, so it make take up to 30 minutes for me to respond to your email.

In 2045, the future of synthetic living has finally arrived, but so too has the threat of a global machine war. Rising Hollywood star Sepideh Ahmadi never imagined she would transition to an artificial body, but when her longtime girlfriend Natasha develops a terminal illness, the choices become clear: either give up their physical bodies and stay together, or allow Natasha to die.

As a synthetic woman, Sepideh discovers there is more to being human than just her thoughts and memories. Smells are stronger, sensations are more nuanced. She is no longer anxious or nervous. She is no longer herself, and neither is Natasha.

Now, with a machine army threatening to invade California, crazed fans following her every move, and her new marriage slowly breaking apart, Sepideh must figure out who she will be in the centuries to come.

In a world where immortality can be bought, will the cost be more than just money?

Will it be our humanity?

In 1999, Vinestead International destroyed a worldwide, immersive virtual reality known as The Net in favor of their heavily controlled alternative, VNet. Five years later, the Guardian Angel bill was passed, requiring all newborns and naturalized citizens to be augmented with Vinestead’s proprietary biochip. Shortly after the bill’s passage, the domestic terrorist group Calle Cinco executed 358 Vinestead employees at the company’s headquarters in Sacramento.

In the years that followed, challengers rose and fell, but Vinestead always triumphed.

Now, in the waning months of 2015, a new savior has emerged. James Perion, founder and CEO of Perion Synthetics, stands as the lone warrior on the battlefield. His company has money, influence, and the largest inventory of synthetic humans on the planet. If anyone is going to keep Vinestead International from world domination, it is Perion Synthetics.

There is only one problem: James Perion is dying.

As the future crumbles, the world looks for answers. It falls to the three largest media feeds in the country—Banks Media Productions, Lincoln Continental, and The White Line—to ask the tough questions. To do so, they must find a way to get their aggregators into Perion City, a secluded and heavily guarded beta test operating in the wastes of the California desert.


In the city-state of Easton, an augmented reality known as Veneer has spread to every facet of daily life. It has replaced computers and televisions, books and paintings. Those who can control the veneer live in a constant state of redefinition, of the world and of themselves. Those who cannot are forced to stand by and watch the world change without them.

Deron Bishop wants to live in the augmented world, but reconciling the veneer has always been a challenge. Already resentful of the one thing he could never master, Deron doesn’t realize how much he needs the veneer until a violent run-in with a childhood rival robs him of his virtual sight.

Now able to see the world as it truly exists, Deron must choose to abandon Easton or fight his way back to the veneered fantasy of his previous life–a fight not everyone wants him to win.

When X discovers that his long distance relationship with C is about to end, he copies her mind and loads her into a virtual avatar in the Net. But in his haste to preserve his high school sweetheart, X forgets to program the one feature he ends up needing most: how to turn her off.

Now it is up to Natalie and G to rescue their friend from the farthest reaches of the Net. Along the way, they must battle a cipher who cannot be killed, a virus that cannot be stopped, and a global conglomerate that will do anything to seize control of the precious Net.