Five Books // One Universe // Zero Sequels

The Vinestead Anthology is a series of novels by Daniel Verastiqui that take place in the same universe and occasionally with the same characters.

Beginning with the first book, Xronixle, the alternate Vinestead universe is initially established in Austin, Texas in a 1999 with far better technology, including a worldwide, fully immersive virtual reality known as The Net. Book two, Veneer, takes place years later and examines the final form of augmented reality once it has replaced normal sight.

In book three, Perion Synthetics, robotic humans are introduced, as are the problems inherent in creating artificial intelligence and copying human minds. Por Vida, the fourth book in the Vinestead Anthology, looks at the world decades after Perion Synthetics when human to synthetic transference is commonplace, and unsurprisingly, abused.

Upcoming entries in the Anthology include Hybrid Mechanics, which follows a synthetic soldier during the last battle in the inevitable war between humans and synthetics. Also forthcoming, the tentatively titled Brigham Plaza, takes places a few years after Perion Synthetics, and draws together story lines from several books to create one unending rampage of techno-destruction centered around celebrity hacker-for-hire Danny “Guns” Montreal.

Book Reviews

If I were forced to give an idea of the flavor of this book, I’d say there’s a little of both The Giver and Brave New World, with a tiny splash of The Matrix. The ending was a bit confusing, though that did not diminish my level of post-climax satisfaction (yikes, did I just write that?)

Jared Harper – Veneer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I wouldn’t normally choose a sci-fi, but I am glad that I took the time to read this one. It is interesting to think about the future and the possibility of having eternal life in a man-made body! I’m not sure I like the idea, but reading about it […]

Kyle – Perion Synthetics

Interesting concept, intricate plot, great characters, fabulous dry humor, and plenty of action. The general idea is a somewhat familiar one in sci-fi, but this was a different, fresh take on the idea of artificial intelligence that I found quite thought-provoking.

Jen Doyle – Perion Synthetics

Veneer is futuristic fun with a good amount of sex and action, but it’s also got deeper messages about society which in my opinion is good sci-fi. I recommend it!

Lee Moody – Veneer

An Engrossing Story. As always Verastiqui spins an exciting tale that is hard to put down at times. While full of the twisted cyber/synthetic sexual pathos we have come to expect from Verastiqui this tale has some really surprising plot twist. Having read all his books I find this to be his most mature to date, […]

Eric Weiss – Por Vida

Before you buy a synthetic human, read this book. This story covers so much ground thoughtfully — and quickly. The future of news media, the power of big business, the social impacts of technology, the morality of immortality, the enduring nature of love… they all factor into this fast-paced action movie of a novel. Based […]

Billy Moran – Perion Synthetics