The Vinestead Anthology


Where it started…

When I sat down to write the short story that would later become Xronixle, I had a decision to make. Would I set the book in the future and guess at a date when a worldwide immersive virtual reality would be available to everyone? Or could I set it in 1998 in Austin, the year and place I went to college, and just shoehorn in the advanced technology? I opted for the latter, and in doing so, created an alternate reality much like our own but with better toys.

Not writing true reality was rather freeing. This new reality would play by my rules, and if I set all of my novels there, I wouldn’t have to worry about my predictions about the future being wrong or worse, laughable. I jumped way into the future with Veneer, and that post-apocalyptic world book-ends the stories that came after it. How did we get from 1998 Austin to 2144 Easton? There were 146 years of history to tell, and Perion Synthetics, Por Vida, and Hybrid Mechanics each focus on a pivotal moment in that timeline. Thus, the Vinestead Anthology is simply a collection of novels taking place in the same world.

Since there are no sequels, there is no requirement to start with Xronixle. However, since I’m often asked which book to start with, here are two lists that may help:

Chronological Order

  1. Xronixle
  2. Perion Synthetics
  3. Brigham Plaza
  4. Por Vida
  5. Hybrid Mechanics
  6. Veneer

Recommended Order

  1. Perion Synthetics
  2. Brigham Plaza
  3. Por Vida
  4. Hybrid Mechanics
  5. Veneer
  6. Xronixle

You should know that my books are about more than sex, violence, and dope-ass technology. Each story has an emotional core, the kind you might not bring up at parties. Social anxiety, unrequited love, parasocial relationships, acceptance… they’re all here, hidden beneath the veneer of dystopian erotic cyber thrillers.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a book and jump in!

Xronixle (2007)

Veneer (2011)

Perion Synthetics (2014)

Por Vida (2017)

Hybrid Mechanics (2019)

Hybrid Mechanics by Daniel Verastiqui Cover

Brigham Plaza (2020)

Book Reviews

If you could look any way you liked, what would you choose? What if you were told you HAD to change things to suit yourself? That you were a freak of you couldn’t do it? Who would you be? We all have masks, but this book makes us imagine how things might be if the […]

Maureen H. – Veneer

Perception is reality, but not really! I planned to read several books in parallel during my vacation, but ended up reading straight through this one – just had to see what happened! The desire to mask one’s true self and hide behind a veneer is common to all humanity. Skip forward into the future and […]

Bob – Veneer

Perion Synthetics takes a much more hard science fiction approach to a number of key elements of the story. Verastiqui’s vision for our near future is both startling in it’s complexity and in the very believable possibility that many of the things that his characters take for granted as parts of their daily lives, may easily find their way off the pages and into our own in the not so distant future. It is this perhaps more than anything that distinguishes this novel from some of his earlier work.

Nelson Kerr – Perion Synthetics

What an amazing book… I was lucky enough to be provided an advanced copy of the book and it did not disappoint! Not to give anything away, but by plot twist #12 I decided to stop trying to predict how this story would play out and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Cannot wait […]

Curtis VanDerwerken – Perion Synthetics

Maybe this is where VR is heading. Are you ready for VR can you survive such mind control. Do you want to control all you see? The new world order is heavy with opportunity.

Gerald A. Mills – Veneer

Perion Synthetics is ambitious, especially when compared with Daniel Verastiqui’s prior novel, Veneer. It covers more characters, complexities, and plot twists, all while maintaining the same sense of humor. Verastiqui has a vivid imagination and a knack for realizing complexities in plot and character. Following the story one character at a time, Perion Synthetics imagines […]

Jared Harper – Perion Synthetics

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