We Got Covid Tested For Funsies, and It Wasn’t Funsies at All

Visualization of the coronavirus causing COVID-19

Dom and I don't watch Fox News, so we're fully vaccinated against COVID. Matador isn't, but only because a vaccine hasn't been approved for him yet. Even though he was potentially exposed, he wasn't showing any symptoms, so we didn't freak out too much about him getting sick. Once that initial panic died down, we started thinking ahead to the future.

5 Reasons To Buy Vise Manor Right This Minute

I can think of no more pressing reason to purchase Vise Manor other than the fact that you have money and I want it. Now, I don't want all of your money. In fact, I want very little of it. I want "the lowest amount of money that Amazon will allow me to sell a Kindle book without giving it away for free" from you.

Q: How Long Do You Wait After Finishing a Book to Start The Next One?

I guess the real answer to this question is as soon as possible. For a typical novel, I only spend three or four months writing the first draft. The rest is, as I've said before, just work. As soon as I start rewrites, I start pining to write something fresh and new, something I've never seen before. But I have to be strong. One story after the other. This is the way.

Made in Quarantine, Not 1950

barefooted baby covering white blanket

I've waited most of my life to stand in front of this wall, and now that I'm finally here, I kinda hate it. I mean, I'm guessing most of this is tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at the ancient, backwards ways of our forebearers, but still. Maybe it's a good sign that everything on this wall was 40% off. Perhaps there were other people who stood where I stood and rolled their eyes just as I did.

It (Daniel) belongs in a Museum (of Ice Cream)

When it comes to getting the family out of the house during Texas summers, there are really only two requirements when choosing a destination: it has to be inside and it can't be outside. With that in mind, the four of us piled into the Highlander this past weekend and headed to the Domain where we had heard tell of an entire museum dedicated to that holiest of holy miracles, ice cream. Things...

How to Customize the Typology Theme’s Single Post Display For Fun and Profit

2 person wearing blue denim jeans

I try new themes every month, maybe even let them run for a week or two, but I'm always switching back to Typology. The theme focuses on your text and puts graphics and photos and complex designs in the background. If you want your words front and center, this is the theme for you. That said, there is something I don't like in the design, and you can see it on the single post page.

Sonic Boom

Like any good American parents, we got our son to go to school by promising him a treat afterwards. On Monday, Dom took him to Sonic for a lemonade slush. On Tuesday, I picked him up, and he demanded another, so I obliged. When Dom learned of this emerging pattern, she said “We’re gonna have to put a stop to that.” On Wednesday, the Sonic burned down. Now, I can’t prove Dom was responsible, but I...

State of the WIP: Talk dirty to me, Microsoft David

aerial photography of sea

This month is all about the auditory readthrough. That means having Word read me the story while I follow along so my feeble human brain can't accidently skip a word. I actually do this twice: once in order of the character's chapters (skipping other POVs), and once in chronological order. Why this way? I don't know. This is just how it was taught to me by me.

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