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Short Stories

by Daniel Verastiqui

Before novels were invented, people had to read short stories. Of course, then they were just called stories, as longer-format stories had not yet been thought of. Some of the short stories below appeared in my first two books, The Sum of Memory and Destination Okinawa. The others, well, who knows where they came from, but they’re here now, so you might as well read them.


From Destination Okinawa (2006)

  • Ride the Red Bullet
  • The Hair Fairy
  • Cassie Three Point Zero
  • Flying Car
  • All by One
  • Grasshopper
  • In the Hearts of Men
  • Blood Money
  • Scotty Peanut
  • Going Back
  • Where They Cannot Follow
  • Flight
  • Slow Burn
  • Money Tree
  • Holloway
  • Destination Okinawa

From The Sum of Memory (2004)

  • Parlance
  • Mosey General
  • Chelubai
  • Midnight Playground
  • Third Period
  • Moonlight
  • Mateo X
  • Dreamlover
  • Marinero
  • Listen
  • Case 442
  • Reflections
  • Ten Thousand Hits
  • Spark
  • Code
  • Timeless
  • The New Kid
  • Shadow Beach
  • The Sum of Memory


Daniel Verastiqui is a Science Fiction author from Austin, Texas. His latest novel, Brigham Plaza, is the sixth entry in the Vinestead Anthology, a series of books that take place in a shared alternate reality but aren’t direct sequels. His books explore the themes of relationships and identity in the context of advanced technology, pervasive violence, and gratuitous swearing. He likes to read fun books and does his best to write fun books.

tags: #sciencefiction #cyberpunk #robots #virtualreality #augmentedreality #artificialintelligence


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