Daniel Verastiqui has been writing erotic dystopian cyber-thrillers for as long as he can remember, which is to say, somewhere around 2004. He came to Austin in 1998 to study English and Computer Science at the University of Texas and forgot he could leave afterward. Now he lives on a spacious 1/10 acre just outside the city with his wife Dom, son "El Matador", daughter "Rainbow", and canine companion Cheyenne. These days, he is always tired and ornery. If you encounter him on the street, throw some individually wrapped candies at his feet and run away.

The Vinestead Anthology

The Vinestead Anthology is a series of novels that take place in the same shared universe but aren't direct sequels. Think of it like how Stephen King writes about Derry, Maine, except with fewer monsters and more robots.

Since the books all occupy the same timeline, you could read them in "chronological" order if wanted to:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite book?

I love seeing this question pop up every few hours on Twitter because it's another opportunity for me to tell people about the undeniably awesome time travel book Replay by Ken Grimwood. I read it for the first time when I was ten years old, and dozens of times since then. It's an incredible story, you really start to care for Jeff, and if you're a writer, you'll find no better technical demonstration on how to put a book together. I reference it for everything. Every time I'm stuck writing something, I flip to a random page in Replay and say Oh, that's how you write a book.

It's so good that when I find out a friend hasn't read it, I feel compelled to buy it for them. Even when I'm in marketing mode, it's read Replay first and then all of my books.