This is the about page for Daniel Verastiqui. It is presented in third person for maximum awkwardness. Enjoy!


Daniel Verastiqui has been writing stories since he received a Smith-Corona electric typewriter for his 10th birthday. His more recent work focuses on relationships and identity in the larger context of technology, explosions, and gratuitous cursing. He draws inspiration from his obsession with computers, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, as well as his professional work in Austin’s high-tech startup scene. He regrets calling it a “scene.”

Every Writer Needs a Whiteboard

His books are pretty awesome, especially if you’re a fan of Asimov, PKD, Richard K. Morgan, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Daniel Saurez, or countless other great Science Fiction authors.

Daniel Verastiqui has an obsession with giving his characters great big heaping gobs of amazing technology, and then watching them screw themselves with it.

Travis Holmes

He recommends you start with his latest novel, Por Vida, and work backwards.

As of January 2019, his greatest literary achievement is being retweeted by William Gibson.


Daniel became a father at the ripe old age of 37 and now laments how quickly his son, El Matador, has learned to sit up crawl walk. His family is rounded out by a beautiful photog wife, Dominique, and two ferociously lovable pups, Cheyenne and Jetson. They all live together in a mid-century colonial yurt in East Pflugerville, Texas but still claim to live in Austin.

This is everything Daniel has always wanted, captured in a single image.

He will gladly show you pictures and videos of his son in person. You don’t even have to ask.

Third Thing.

Daniel has worked at Uplogix, Inc. since leaving a Network Analyst position at the University of Texas System Office of Telecommunication Services in 2006. Over the years, he’s held several positions related to customer support, including technical support, production documentation, website management, and so forth. His current responsibilities as Director of Technical Services include making sure customers get all the help they need from first pitch through evaluation and deployment to business as usual.

He also designs web applications using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap to help manage all the information Uplogix uses to provide unrivaled customer support. From updates to tasks to tracking, his Central application keeps tabs on all of the customer information that used to live in random people’s heads.

Additionally, Daniel maintains the server side of uplogix.com, and can deploy a LAMP stack in less time than it takes to get your order at Torchy’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can you hold your breath?

A: A little less than the time it takes to change the trash bag in the diaper pail.

Q: Weekend at Bernie’s 1 or Weekend at Bernie’s 2?

A: They are equal masterpieces in my eyes.

What else could you possibly need to know?