Vise Manor (2022)

Vise Manor (2022)

Dinner. Drinks. Murder.

Eccentric tech billionaire Winston Vise has invited eight guests to his secluded home in the New York countryside. His mission: to find investors and buyers for his new line of artificially intelligent synthetic humans. After a lavish evening of drinking and feasting, Winston takes the stage in the conservatory to begin his pitch. But when the demonstration takes a sharp turn into murder, his prospective investors find themselves trapped in the sprawling manor with a killer and no way to call for help.

The doors open automatically at sunrise. Will there be anyone left alive to see it?

Brimming with veiled looks, dirty secrets, and augmented violence, Vise Manor is a cyberpunk murder mystery sure to delight fans of William Gibson, Richard K. Morgan, and Agatha Christie.

Starring: Carter Price, Diya Singh, Robert Hargreaves, Adelai Vaught

For fans of: murder mysteries, synthetic humans, and cyber-thrillers.

Filled with murder, mystery & deadly synthetics, Vise Manor is a clever sci-fi thriller that kept me up turning pages well into the night...
- Sarah Orren, Reedsy Discovery
The opening scenes had me giggling to myself uncontrollably and despite the brutal murders that followed [...], it never lost that spark that hooked me from the get-go.
- Pamela, Amazon Review