Sci-Fi Summer Sale + Free Novella + Giveaway

Sci-Fi Summer Sale + Free Novella + Giveaway

What a busy month! We're doing all sorts of things to move some books in July, so hopefully, one resonates with you. Whether you're struggling to be more productive, need help losing weight, or are gripped by a general malaise, these books will absolutely cure every ailment you have. And I can say that because this is my website on the Internet, and the Internet is a lawless place full of falsehoods and bad actors.

That said, these books are very real and very fun to read. I encourage you to stack your shelf while the prices are low so you'll always have something to read for the rest of the summer.

On Sale: Brigham Plaza, Hybrid Mechanics, Por Vida, Perion Synthetics, and Veneer

Now, let me introduce you to the books that form the heart of the Vinestead Universe. These are not just standalone stories, but a rich, interconnected tapestry. You could follow X from Xronixle through them all, encountering him in mid-credits cameos or off-hand remarks, tying the whole universe together. These unique interconnections are the crux of my marketing strategy: once you read one, you'll be drawn to explore all.

I credit Stephen King for the idea. Setting multiple books in Derry keeps me reading.

Member Exclusive: Bartering Nola

I've been sitting on this novella, Bartering Nola, for years, hoping that one day I would turn it into a full-blown Vinestead book. However, the setting was just too different, and no matter how I tried to shoehorn it, it just wouldn't work. So, rather than shelve it forever, I'm offering it to you for free, just for being a fan. All you have to do is be a subscriber to this website, allow me to email you every other year to tell you about a new book, and get fifteen friends to buy all of my books. Okay, that last one is a make-em-up.

I'm late to the game with making this novella available, so give me a couple of weeks to get a proper cover made, and then I'll send you a link to download the ePub. Sign up now so you don't miss out!

Giveaway: Vise Manor

Bookbuzz is doing a promotion this month where they give away a bunch of eBooks in exchange for website visits, follows, and the like. Included in the prize pack for July is Vise Manor, my cyberpunk murder mystery that one reviewer expressed an urgent need to escape! 😱

Anyway, they're also giving away an Amazon Fire Tablet, which is pretty great for reading since you can just click on a word and get an instant definition.

You can enter the giveaway here:

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Thank You

As always, thank you for supporting my books. If it were up to me, I'd give them all away for free just to keep you entertained and distracted from... gestures vaguely to everything.