It feels like I sent Vise Manor to Beta Readers a month ago…

man in black pants and pair of brown leather lace-up shoes sitting on brown carpeted stairs inside room

But it has only been three days. Time moves differently when you’re waiting for feedback. You tell yourself that now would be a good time to take a break, watch some movies, play some video games, but you can’t stop yourself from printing out chapters and marking them up. Taking breaks is probably a good thing if it fits your process, but the older I get, the more I feel like I MUST take full...

First Look: Vise Manor, Vaught Residence, Interior, Day

brown and white animal head on brown wooden fence during daytime

There's a well-known rule that if you intend to publish traditionally, you should never, under any circumstances, post excerpts of your manuscript on the internet. But what if you're an indie publisher? Well, then you, my fellow glutton for punishment and disappointment, you can do whatever the F you want. With that said, I've made the first (unrevised, unedited) chapter of Vise Manor available...

This I Love: Dell 32-inch Curved 4K Monitor (S3221QS)

Big-ass monitors. You love 'em. I love 'em. We've both spent our lives trying to find the right one. For the longest time, I've been putting off the move to 4K based on how strange my wife's 5K iMac looks. But then: providence. I was randomly looking around and came across this Dell S3221QS at a pretty steep discount. Ordered it, took a week to get used to the curve and the 4K, and now I don't...

Flashes From The Verse: Ash In The Tunnels

brown wooden pathway in between brick walls

The tunnels in the lower levels were always dark and smelled of chalk. There was something about the dust in the air that made Ash want to gag. It was hard not to think of all those particles getting into her lungs when she could see them so clearly in the beam of her flashlight. She had a mask—basically a tube top for her face—that she’d pulled up over her nose, but she didn’t trust the thin...

Finally, Easter is Over

Content Warning: So much bird poop. Oh, you're still here? Well, I'm happy to report that we're now empty-nesters, and the Easter wreath can finally come down. Here are some photos from the journey.

State of the WIP: The Fun is Over

brown glass bottle on white sand during daytime

My wife was headed to Target the other day and asked me if I needed more Coke Zero. When I told her no, she asked if I was trying to cut down. I had to explain that the only reason I needed soda was to mix it with alcohol so I could Heming my Way through Draft 1 of Book Seven. Now that the first draft is finally done, so too is the drinking. Now begins the era of editing sober and ostensibly, the...

Now That It’s Done, What Do We Call It?

person holding white printer paper

As a writer, I reserve the right to complain about the titling of books. In fact, there are a lot of things I am entitled to complain about, and I will, at length, until there is no more space left on the internet.

Louis Sachar and the Literary IDGAF

For the first three years of his life, my son has enjoyed classic books like Goodnight Moon, The Pout-Pout Fish, and The Going to Bed Book. More recently, I've been trying to expose him to more mature books like The Ghost on Saturday Night, My Teacher Fried My Brains, and of course, the absolute best children's book in history, Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar. I can usually...

Stories I Tell My Son: The Strawberry Farm

strawberries on persons hand

Once upon a time, there was a dragon. In this dragon's ear was the biggest strawberry farm you've ever seen. Everybody loved the dragon's strawberries, but the only person the dragon allowed to pick them was Little Matador. And the only reason he...

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