I’ll Summarize

This is the website of acclaimed science fiction author Daniel Verastiqui, a mildly Hispanic man who has written so many great books that you would need more than one hand to count ’em all.

These are those books.

Hybrid Mechanics

Book 5 – April 2019

A couple of fellas and one lady wake up in an underground bunker after escaping a simulated reality suspiciously similar to Austin, Texas in 2017. Now they have to escape the bunker. The book’s mostly about escaping.

Por Vida

Book 4 – January 2017

A semi-famous actress lady and her girlfriend turn themselves into robots for good reasons. Another lady wakes up in a bunker with some fella she ain’t never met who tells her the world has ended. The lives of all these ladies are somehow intertwined.

Perion Synthetics

Book Three – April 2014

Fella named James figures out how to transfer souls into robots. A lot of people get real curious about it. They start asking questions. Too many questions for one lady who don’t like questions.



Young fella hits his head and can’t see augmented reality anymore. Everyone else can, so now he’s not like everyone else. Now he has to figure out how to see augmented reality again while another young fella tries to kill him for good reasons.



Young fella copies his sweetheart’s mind so he can dress her up like a doll in virtual reality. Sweetheart doesn’t take kindly to it. Young fella’s friends try to help, but they just cause more trouble that culminates in a climax and falling action.

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