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Kaili Zabora

Krazy Kai, Butcher of Burbank, Veteran of the Reaping
Calle Cinco


Leader of the Calle Cinco cipher den. Younger sister of Anela Zabora. Known domestic terrorism plots:

The Reaping (2004) - On March 26, 2004, Calle Cinco systematically executed employees of Vinestead International in Sacramento, California. Zabora logged her first kill for Calle Cinco by poisoning Vinestead developer Rick Diaz. Zabora has since used the alias Bonnie Diaz when travelling incognito.

Calle Cinco de Mayo (2009) - On May 5, 2009, a virus released by Calle Cinco attacked the Vinestead Air Traffic Control network and caused the deaths of 7,057 people.

“I’m here because David and Goliath is a fucking myth. A mouse can’t take down a lion; you need another lion. Perion Synthetics has the size, the power, and the money to put an end to Vinestead once and for all. They will win that fight, and I’m here to make sure that fight happens. That means keeping Perion Synthetics out of trouble and off the feeds. That means getting muckraking aggregators like you to shut their fucking mouths.”

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