The Vinestead Universe spans seven novels and numerous short stories, so it's easy to forget who did what and when. I use this wiki to keep track of the characters I've introduced over the years, and I thought you might find the information useful as well. I'll be filling in more detail, but for now, here are some of the people you've met.


People (96)

Agent / Vinestead International
Acting Regional Director / Nixle Chronos
Recruiter / Calle Cinco
Dahlstrom Academy
Founder / Dahlstrom Academy
Suit / ZabSix
VP of Security / Vinestead International
Technical Manager
CEO / Vinestead International
Founder & CEO / White Line Media
Aggregator / banks-media-productions,vinestead-international!
Chief Architect / Perion Synthetics
Lost Pines Survivalists
Aggregator / Lincoln Continental
Hacker / Reinhardt Triumvirate
Spiritual Leader / Perion Synthetics
Founder & CEO / Banks Media Productions
CEO / Pattrn
Director / The Kagan Group
Agent / Vinestead International
Senior Aggregator / Banks Media Productions
Aggregator / White Line Media
VP of UX / Pattrn
CEO / Hybrid Mechanics
Synaptic Engineer / Vitra Synth
Hunter Killer / Lassiter Army
Founder & CEO / Perion Synthetics
Associate / Adelai Associates
Hacker / Reinhardt Triumvirate
CEO / Perion Synthetics
Social Engineer / Vinestead International
Suit / Calle Cinco
Perion Synthetics
Engineer / Vinestead International
Private Security / Lincoln Continental
Synthetic Psychologist / Perion Synthetics
Artificial Intelligence
Movie Director / Sierra Productions
Media Mogul / Lincoln Continental
Founder / mesh-foundation!
Vinestead International!
Suit / I.C.E-1
Agent / Vinestead International
Quartermaster / Lassiter Army
Hacker / Unaffiliated!
Educational Assistant / Dahlstrom Academy
Hacker / AC Frozen
Founder / Pattrn
CEO / Vinestead International
Domestic Terrorist / Calle Cinco
Movie Director / Sierra Productions
Software Engineer / Vinestead International!
Perion Synthetics
Perion Synthetics!
Founder / Dahlstrom Academy
Pornographic Thespian
Founder / Dahlstrom Academy
Founder / Nixle Chronos
Student / Hacker