The year is 1999, and a young man with no aspirations for writing is walking out of his second viewing of The Matrix. The man says to himself, that’d be cool if we had that technology now. This idea prompts him to write a short story, The Sum of Memory, which he later expands into Xronixle.

All of this young man’s future novels will take place in this universe, often at different points on the timeline, and sometimes with the same characters. To fill in the cracks, he writes short stories–tiny glimpses into the bigger world that lives only in his sugar-addled brain.

Here are those stories:

He also writes short bursts of fiction when a particularly interesting idea occurs to him. Here are some of those posts:

A Sorta Spoiler-free History

Daniel Verastiqui is a serious author who writes serious novels in a serious manner. Serious topics include interpersonal relationships, exploitative technology, and questionable nudity.

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