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Jason Roy

What would we do if we could be anyone?

REVIEWED 2020-05-21
"What would we do if we could be anyone and see anything?"; Veneer begs the question. What if you had no way to know whether your best friend were really who they appeared to be? How you would react to a given situation; it this "real" or just a figment of the darkest thoughts from a troubled mind. What if the world wasn't "real"... What if nothing was "real"? And what if you never even knew it... and suddenly, it was gone.

The second book in the Vinestead anthology shows real growth in the author. Veneer has a clearly more grown-up feel as I think Daniel has started to settle into his pen. The characters are very well developed and you feel yourself growing along with them as they experience the world, how they impact it, and how it impacts them. Veneer definitely made me long for such technology. To escape the realities of the world as it from time to time would be an addiction I doubt I could resist.

Set far in the future, I love how the universe has unfolded. A world utterly void without the tech that powers it. How big of a leap is it from todays cellular-dependent, VR-enhanced world to what civilization has developed into in Veneer? Maybe not so big afterall...

I am definitely looking forward to learning how we got there.
  3.9 out of 5
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