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William E. Hall

A Story As Bland As Easton Without The Veneer

REVIEWED 2014-11-12
I finally finished this book. This one took me several sittings to get through. The premise was interesting and I kept waiting for the story to pick up, but it wasn't until almost the end that the pace picked up a bit and then it ended badly. The story has a feel of 'The Matrix' about it. In this case chips connected to the brains of the population allow them to reconcile over the top of their reality a colorful illusion. In such a case people can reconcile a youthful look over aging bodies or colorful facades over the dull and dingy streets of the town. The main characters in the story are all teenagers attending high school in the town of Easton. The author just couldn't breath enough life into the characters to make me feel any empathy for them. The two main characters are a teenage couple Deron and Rosalie. However, although they are supposedly in love their romance comes off as listless and they always seem to drift apart at times when real couples would be coming together. Russo, the story's bully, hates Deron and his character moves from violence against Deron to psychotic murders of others. And then there are the agents that are connected to the company controlling the chips. They appear sadistic but what their real purpose is in this world is never fully explained. Most of the other characters (not Russo), including one plotting lesbian girl, Ilya, have a crush on Rosalie, but nothing of any real impact on the story grows out of this. As I said, the premise was interesting, but the book never hooked me.
  3.9 out of 5
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