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Dennis Nuel

Two stories set in 2035 and one set in 2045

REVIEWED 2017-03-27
Two stories set in 2035 and one set in 2045. What do they have in common? An up-and-coming movie actress's girlfriend is stricken with cancer. A business executive finds an old friend living on the streets. A man who lost his family to the MX Maquinas (Mexican robot army) rescues a woman from a plane crash.

This is a standalone novel, but there are several tie-ins to previous Verastiqui Vinestead stories. Perion Synthetics shows us transferring memories from a person to a synthetic/robot body; it also more fully introduces us to Guardian Angel technology that help keep people healthy and functioning (sometimes at superhuman levels). Guardian Angels (a short story) introduces us to Kaili Zabora (a terrorist). We see the early versions of augmented reality that are much more capable in the novel Veneer which takes place in 2149.

The novel is well written, contains gratuitous violence, and a liberal sprinkling of swearing in Spanish.
  4.4 out of 5
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