April 27, 2022 – 5:43 AM

The great “backlash against the backlash” has begun in regards to Elon buying Twitter. Everyone wanted to delete their account, but now we have think pieces about why that’s a bad idea, why “free speech” is so important, and how you/we don’t have the guts to leave. Even if Elon did something stupid like reinstating Trump or any number of his acolytes, it wouldn’t be the reasons I, personally, would want to leave Twitter.

Instead, it’s the advertising. The ads. They generate money.

That means that every ad you view on Twitter puts money in Elon’s bottomless pockets.

And there is just something horribly wrong with that. I already have to look at his ridiculous monolith building every time I drive south on the toll road, and now he wants my money too? Naw.

I sell books on Amazon, which means every day I put (a tiny bit) more money in Jeff Bezos’ pocket. And that makes me sad.

I think supporting one billionaire is enough.