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April 25, 2022

8:14 AM

I saw this question pop up on Twitter and immediately felt old.

A sure sign of aging is not wanting to change anything about the way you do things, and trigger warnings and content warnings are prime examples. On the one hand, there’s a definite empathic argument to warning people about the kind of things they’re going to read. On the other, books have been around for billions of years, and people have survived.

And it’s such a weird thing to have a content warning for sex. There is sex in this book! Oh? So the book is about humans?

Furthermore, it’s time to do away with all the “may contain violence sex nudity smoking drug use” warnings on Netflix, or at least let me opt out of it. If there’s going to be nudity, why spoil the surprise? Especially since more often than not it’s just some dude’s butt.

Pretty soon the ratings will include things like “May contain: nudity, sexual situations, hurt feelings, deceptive practices, passive-aggression, John Mayer, nose picking” and so on.

Anyway, the answer is no.

No content warnings.

Book is about humans. Humans have sex, bleed, and do bad things.

Sincerely, Old Daniel

7:09 AM

Some redditors were snickering about this book’s title the other day.

But as I was scrolling past, I realized I recognized that name. When I lived in Misawa, Japan in the 90s, we only had one movie theater on base: the Richard Bong Theater. It looked a little like this when I lived there:

Though honestly, I don’t remember the stairway sides being enclosed like that. Makes sense if you consider the lines that used to form there and the snowy weather. Sadly, the building is no longer in use.

And now as of 2016, the building has been condemned due to the roof being bad beyond repair. No base theater these days. Two movies per week in the Mokuteki Community Center.


Farewall, Mr. Bong Theater.