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Per My Last Email

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Per my last email, all requirements should be included with the original request. Do not send additional details via email, as I will lose them, and the final product won't be what you want. Furthermore, please make sure to include a reasonable desired completion date, as this helps me prioritize projects. Completion dates set in the past will be changed to 180 days in the future.

Ethan paused at the end of the paragraph, wondered if he should include some kind of emoji or ASCII-art to convey just how annoyed he was at having to write yet another email describing the process for requesting a documentation change. It seemed like every week, he was having to send out another hastily typed missive to a salesperson or wayward C-level executive who either didn't understand his processes or who just didn't give a damn about them. Either way, he had long ago stopped getting too upset about it. If people couldn't follow simple direc...

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