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The Escape

© 1989 Daniel Verastiqui

In the year 3024, a great plague swept across the Earth. In an effort to escape it, the President of the UCC (United Continents Commission) ordered an evacuation plan of immense proportions. Within a week, almost every living thing had been put on an emergency shuttle to Mars.

From Mars, people were given a choice as to which planet they wanted to go to. Five shuttles awaited the refugees. Methodically the world's population was split up. The refugees were welcomed by the US Military on each of the planets, the already functioning oxygen-domes, were in place over each one. On every planet, refugees assembled into the central building. Around them were posted televisions and speakers lining the upper parts of the walls. When nearly all of the refugees were gathered the into the buildings, TV's came alive, in it appeared the face of their President. He spoke to the people, "My fellow Earthlings! Welcome to Your New Homes! T...

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