Flashes From The Verse > Aftermath:America


© Daniel Verastiqui

Things weren’t going well in the colony.

Toxic fallout had moved in late in the year, which had forced the residents of the Otott Confederacy indoors for several months. The fields of crops they had set up in ornate patterns beyond the outer walls died within weeks, as did the wild ruffage in every direction. Plants shriveled, trees fell and turned to ash, and when those were gone, the animals either left or laid down in the ruined dirt and died. Life simply disappeared, and no one was certain when it would return.

David DeMare, as de facto leader of the OC, tried to focus on what the colony really needed: water, clean air, and a source of food. His efforts over the last two summers to build indoor hydroponic facilities were now paying dividends. As long as power from the geothermal generators held steady, they would be able to grow and replace their food stores with plenty to spare. Water came from natural springs deep below ...

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