Flashes From the Verse

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When I'm not writing a novel, or when I'm searching for a new idea, I do a lot of what I call "scratch writing," which is just sitting down at my desk and typing for a while. As a VIP, you get to see some of this not-for-public-consumption writing and maybe get a glimpse of what's coming in the Vinestead Universe.


Brigham Plaza Lost Epilogue

SPOILERS - Find out what happened to Julius Parker when he left Danny's cabin at the end of Brigham Plaza.


Call Me Henny

Hell Week at Dahlstrom Academy meant a grueling series of exams to test everything the students had learned in the last six weeks.


Cynthia Heist

Follows the events of Brigham Plaza, and reunites Cynthia Mesquina with her old friend, Lincoln Tate.


Cynthia Rebirth




Changing the Frequency

They were seated at a private booth near the back of the diner, well away from the small crowd of mid-afternoon lunchers. The adjacent window showed a serene campus slumbering under a light snow. Students walked the white pathways with their backpacks slung over thick jackets, probably wondering to themselves why it should be snowing so late into May. It had been a mild winter, but a resolute one. If it kept up for a few more days, it would be the first recorded snowfall in June.


The Gully


The Phoenix


The Escape