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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can you hold your breath?

A: A little less than the time it takes to change the trash bag in the diaper pail.

Q: Weekend at Bernie’s 1 or Weekend at Bernie’s 2?

A: They are equal masterpieces in my eyes.

Recent Reviews

Great extrapolation of today‚Äôs media and Artificial Intelligence.¬†Reminiscent of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Great extrapolation of today’s media and Artificial intelligence. I think this guy is a great new talent and look forward to reading more of his work. Highly recommend.

S.A. McInnis – Perion Synthetics

Perception is reality, but not really! I planned to read several books in parallel during my vacation, but ended up reading straight through this one – just had to see what happened! The desire to mask one’s true self and hide behind a veneer is common to all humanity. Skip forward into the future and see how powerful, high-tech veneers change the world and everyones reality. The veneers are powerful and different, but people are the same – they use veneers to hide, control and to take advantage of others. This story is full of surprises, technology and conflict that drew me in, and is set in a high-tech future that really made me wonder if this kind of world might someday become a reality. Very thought provoking and creative! Be warned – the sex, language and violence definitely makes this an adults-only book.

Bob – Veneer
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