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Xronixle by Daniel Verastiqui
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"Aside from the title (which, seriously, how the hell would you pronounce that?), I really loved this book once I got going with it. The characters are beautifully drawn, if slightly annoying sometimes with their obsessions, and the representation of what life could be like a few years from now is eerie and resonant." - Jeba

"There are so many twists and turns that I was constantly on edge. I'll admit, my work suffered a bit bc I was constantly trying to sneak a read to see what happened next." - ForrestC53

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"A snowflake fell amongst the digital trees, pulsing lightly as it passed between its brothers, floating down to the white ground. X stood with his hands on the railing of the wooden bridge he had just finished creating, admiring the texture. It felt just like it would have in Terrareal, out there where nature was the true creator, where the bridge was just the sum result of necessity, a tool to be used to cross the oft-empty creek below it. But here, in the virtual construct, buried deep in the outer reaches of the Net, it was a true miracle. To make it feel like it did, smell like it did, was a feat that X took great pride in."

When X discovers that his long distance relationship with C is about to end, he copies her mind and loads her into a virtual avatar in the Net. But in his haste to preserve his high school sweetheart, X forgets to program the one feature he ends up needing most: how to turn her off.

Now it is up to Natalie and G to rescue their friend from the farthest reaches of the Net. Along the way, they must battle a cipher who cannot be killed, a virus that cannot be stopped, and a global conglomerate that will do anything to seize control of the precious Net.

Science Fiction | 260 pages | ISBN: 978-1453885413 | 2007-12-01

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********** 1. row ***********
      name: Mark V.
     stamp: 2007-12-10
     title: READ THIS BOOK!
   content: Great book! This was a really good read, very entertaining. G is my favorite character, i can only hope for a spin off, GRONIGLE maybe? Really enjoyed the story along with all its twists and turns. The data rush scene was awesome, it was kind of like a Tron meets Rollerball kind of thing. Anyways, can't wait for the movie!

********** 2. row ***********
      name: Faloi
     stamp: 2012-11-19
     stars: 5
     title: Great book from a budding author
   content: This is a really interesting read from an up-and-coming author. The pacing is good, and the characters are well thought out. It definitely brings up some philosophical thoughts, and can run a serious risk of forcing the reader to think about their fiction.

********** 3. row ***********
      name: Sarah Smith
     stamp: 2012-01-30
     stars: 3
     title: Should have been 4 stars, but...
   content: I really, really liked this book, in spite of the things that made it 3 stars instead of 4. Excellent plot, good characters, deft hand at description and action both. Sometimes tracking who was a clone, who was jacked in from home was difficult. And at one point a character is described as committing suicide, when the last we had heard the character was extremely angry, not self destructive, so that came out of nowhere.

I didn't mind the poor grammar when the characters were speaking, because that's the way people talk, especially just coming out of high school/college, but I did mind it in descriptive passages.

One constant annoyance: the author uses the wrong word. "Tact" instead of "tack" or "tacky"; "chord" instead of "cord"; "mantle" instead of "mantel". Though they're homonyms, each has a very different meaning. Then there's "nauseous" which is misspelled throughout as "nauseas". And other words where I can guess what the author meant to use, but he used the wrong one.

But don't let those errors stop you from reading this book. If you're into tech stuff and active on the Net, you'll love it. I hereby offer to proofread his next one, if the author would like the help.

********** 4. row ***********
      name: Jazzerjay
     stamp: 2013-02-22
     stars: 3
   content: I certainly enjoyed what this book promised from the description and other's reviews. Probably one of the biggest problems with science fiction writing is not explaining a few aspects of the technology involved. Still, I did like the book for what was presented story wise.

********** 5. row ***********
      name: scififan1337
     stamp: 2008-09-08
     title: Not Bad
   content: First off, I will say that after some initial awkwardness I got into the story and was compelled to keep reading. That being said I did find many aspects of the book's virtual reality world to be derivative of the cyberpunk genre: The jacking in, the literal representation inside the net, having near-super powers in the virtual world, the illegal information traders lurking in the shadows, the evil corporation behind it all, etc. I felt like the book didn't tread any new ground in that area. I attended UT and lived in Jester center so I got all the references; however, someone not familiar would likely wonder why the author keeps referring to insignificant background features by their proper names. Still, I had a hard time putting it down, and I can't say exactly why.

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