Por Vida

Sepi went to the bedroom and slipped into the attached closet. She undressed, acutely aware of how much the prospect of marriage and children scared her. Just the idea of being responsible for someone else’s life made her palms sweat. How could she watch her child go through everything she went through? How could she live seeing someone else cower at the mere presence of other people?

A child meant another person relying on Nat for a hand to hold just to get through the simplest of social interactions. Was Nat strong enough for that? Or would she buckle under the pressure, just one day say enough is enough and order Sepi and their son or daughter to grow up, be adults, and face the world themselves?

Sepi’s social anxiety already weighed down the relationship. In the dark times, she saw herself as a burden to Nat, an anchor keeping the wide-eyed ball of excitement from all the wonderful things in the world. Natasha Kumanov deserved to have everything she wanted, and yet she’d stayed, had fallen into line at Sepi’s hip and never left.

There was no doubt how much love Natasha had to give.

But Sepi wondered if she’d be better off giving it to someone else, someone who shared the same lust for life instead of being scared of it.

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