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Perion Synthetics by Daniel Verastiqui
Purchase link: /amazon/?perion-synthetics

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"Explosions, gun fights, and heads being ripped off make for a very quick read. But as with his previous books, the ideas behind that action are also fascinating." - Tim Thomas

"Perion Synthetics is a book that raises some interesting questions involving synthetic life living alongside 'real' life. There is a faint flavor of 'I, Robot' in parts of this, but this story definitely goes its own way." - Pheel

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Welcome to Perion City, home to the largest beta test ever conceived. Though its roughly half a million residents all consider themselves human, nearly a third live with the knowledge that they were not born... they were manufactured.

Sava Kessler has spent almost a decade protecting the public image of Perion Synthetics, the world's leading manufacturer of artificially intelligent, synthetic humans. In that time, she has elevated CEO James Perion to the role of national savior, a tech titan with the moral and financial fortitude to protect the country from maligned conglomerate Vinestead International. But now the savior is dying, and there is no guarantee that the next ruler of Perion City will share James Perion's vision of a synthetic utopia.

To ensure the company's survival, Sava enlists a synthetic army to defend a vulnerable Perion Synthetics from corporate sabotage, media scrutiny, and insidious threats from all corners of the city.

Will the world learn the true nature of the coming synthetic revolution? Can Sava keep inquisitive aggregators from the three largest media houses in the country from revealing the company's darkest secrets... and several of her own?

Science Fiction | pages | ISBN: 978-1495282768 | 2014-04-13

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********** 1. row ***********
      name: Amazon Customer
     stamp: 2015-10-29
     stars: 5
   content: A well executed, well edited, fluidly written, difficult to put down, pleasure to read.

********** 2. row ***********
      name: S.A. McInnis
     stamp: 2016-03-02
     stars: 5
     title: Great extrapolation of today’s media and Artificial Intelligence
   content: Reminiscent of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. Great extrapolation of today's media and Artificial intelligence. I think this guy is a great new talent and look forward to reading more of his work. Highly recommend.

********** 3. row ***********
      name: Candyce
     stamp: 2015-04-25
     stars: 3
   content: future with lots of tech and humanoid robotic creations....

********** 4. row ***********
      name: Matthew Prasse
     stamp: 2014-05-16
     stars: 4
     title: Fast paced techno book allows you to feel half a dozen hearts
   content: Really Enjoyed this book. It has great pacing, as fast as the technology that drives this world, snappy as a keyboard. The way this book moves through the story is unique; as you leap frog through the story, the author tricks you, deceives you, then hands you what you knew the whole time. ½ Mystery, ½ Cyberpunk. Bladerunner meets Foundation. The characters are real, lively and snarky. There’s humor in here, in there’s some horror. For a moment I thought there was going to be a zombie apocalypse. Moreover, its well written. I’m a big fan of Michael Moorcock’s long winded weaving of linguistic tapestries that stop the story where it’s at while the scene is created… That’s not happening here. Technology doesn’t have time for you to look around, you better take it in as you move, and that’s exactly what the author produces. The ending felt a little chopped, but probably because I wanted more. Good job, off to try another.

********** 5. row ***********
      name: Tyrone
     stamp: 2015-04-01
     stars: 5
   content: This book grabbed my attention from beginning to the end. It was as if I was watching a great movie in my mind. The author made me feel the characters and the high tech environment. I recommend this book to your readers

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