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Perion Synthetics by Daniel Verastiqui
Purchase link: /amazon/?perion-synthetics

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"Explosions, gun fights, and heads being ripped off make for a very quick read. But as with his previous books, the ideas behind that action are also fascinating." - Tim Thomas

"Perion Synthetics is a book that raises some interesting questions involving synthetic life living alongside 'real' life. There is a faint flavor of 'I, Robot' in parts of this, but this story definitely goes its own way." - Pheel

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Welcome to Perion City, home to the largest beta test ever conceived. Though its roughly half a million residents all consider themselves human, nearly a third live with the knowledge that they were not born... they were manufactured.

Sava Kessler has spent almost a decade protecting the public image of Perion Synthetics, the world's leading manufacturer of artificially intelligent, synthetic humans. In that time, she has elevated CEO James Perion to the role of national savior, a tech titan with the moral and financial fortitude to protect the country from maligned conglomerate Vinestead International. But now the savior is dying, and there is no guarantee that the next ruler of Perion City will share James Perion's vision of a synthetic utopia.

To ensure the company's survival, Sava enlists a synthetic army to defend a vulnerable Perion Synthetics from corporate sabotage, media scrutiny, and insidious threats from all corners of the city.

Will the world learn the true nature of the coming synthetic revolution? Can Sava keep inquisitive aggregators from the three largest media houses in the country from revealing the company's darkest secrets... and several of her own?

Science Fiction | pages | ISBN: 978-1495282768 | 2014-04-13

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********** 1. row ***********
      name: Curtis VanDerwerken
     stamp: 2014-04-01
     stars: 5
   content: What an amazing book... I was lucky enough to be provided an advanced copy of the book and it did not disappoint!

Not to give anything away, but by plot twist #12 I decided to stop trying to predict how this story would play out and just sat back and enjoyed the ride.

Cannot wait to see what Daniel writes next!

********** 2. row ***********
      name: Candyce
     stamp: 2015-04-25
     stars: 3
   content: future with lots of tech and humanoid robotic creations....

********** 3. row ***********
      name: Lauren Ellis
     stamp: 2014-04-14
     stars: 5
     title: Daniel Verastiqui’s best book yet
   content: I have read a couple of his books before, and was graced with an advanced copy. Perion Synthetics is his best book yet. He follows different characters, giving you a well rounded view of the futuristic world through many different lenses, leaving you frantically reading for more, unable to put the book down.

Throughout the whole book, you are not only entertained with an interesting story, but left with a nagging thought of what is truly a human soul vs artificial intelligence, and what are its rights. I have dismissed such conversations before, but Perion Synthetics presents some realistic issues we may face in the not too distant future.

For those needing to know more specifics for youths reading it: There is explicit language, sex, and violence. This may not be a book for people under 16. But for science fiction readers who don't mind that like I do, this book is a great read. I recommend it for anyone's library.

********** 4. row ***********
      name: Manoj
     stamp: 2014-06-15
     stars: 3
   content: (Disclaimer: Daniel provided me with a free advanced copy for feedback and review purposes.)

To start with, I really appreciate receiving an advanced copy from the author. That was a first for me since I signed up with the program on Goodreads. On to the book review...

I thought that Verastiqui created an interesting story line and developed the characters well. There were many times while reading it that I had a tough time putting the book down. It was an interesting concept: a great innovator is dying and tries to build a replacement that he can transfer his mind into. I liked this part of the book.

What I didn't like was how quickly the characters bought into some of topics brought up in the book. There were times that the characters made 180 degree shifts in beliefs without the turmoil that usually comes with it. It frustrated me that they changed their deep down beliefs without any concerns. At one point, one of the characters tries to kill the other and without any 'making up', they work together at the end. Personally, I have a tough time believing that someone that tried killing me a half hour earlier, can now be my best friend if there wasn't something else that happened in the middle. That was a tough thing for me to get over and the only reason I dropped down the rating.

Overall, it was worth a read and if you can get over some of the major shifts I mentioned, it was an enjoyable read.

********** 5. row ***********
      name: Rita VanDerwerken
     stamp: 2014-04-01
     stars: 5
   content: What a privilege it was to receive an advanced copy of this book for review purposes.

Daniel Verastiqui hit another impressive home run with this book, I could not put it down as the story twists and characters kept my eyes glued to the pages.

His dynamic ability to paint a vivid picture with words came through clearly in his latest novel.

Cannot wait for his next adventure.

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