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Hybrid Mechanics by Daniel Verastiqui
Purchase link: /amazon/?hybrid-mechanics

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"The premise of this book really appealed to me. I've thought from time to time that this world in which we live sometimes doesn't make sense." - Hikes in Rain

"Keeps the reader intrigued throughout with enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning." - Curtis VanDerwerken

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Welcome to the fifth book of the Vinestead Anthology, a fast-paced cyber-thriller that explores a future where organics and synthetics fight to steer the course of human evolution.

Open your eyes, my son, and behold the machinery of the world…

Armando Carrillo has always lived with the nagging feeling that the world wasn’t real, but he never expected to wake up naked in an abandoned underground bunker with a computer screen behind him flashing the words CLIENT DISCONNECTED.

After the discovery that his life in Austin, Texas was nothing more than a computer simulation, Armando must unravel the mystery of his true existence and figure out who put him in the simulation in the first place, and more importantly, why.

With ancient generators spewing noxious gasses into the underground facility and massive screens flashing ominous warnings, Armando will have to find a way to escape his cavernous tomb, not only to save his life, but the lives of the three other Austinites who were plugged in with him.

Set in the Vinestead Universe and brimming with twists and clever one-liners, Hybrid Mechanics is another irresistible mash-up of technology, mystery, gunplay, and subtle sexual tension from Science Fiction author Daniel Verastiqui.

Science Fiction | pages | ISBN: 978-1790166503 | 2019-04-08

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********** 1. row ***********
      name: Rita VanDerwerken
     stamp: 2019-08-29
     stars: 5
     title: Another great work from Daniel
   content: The 5th book in the Vinestead Anthology did not disappoint... great character development and story line. Keeps the reader intrigued throughout with enough twists and turns to keep the pages turning. I cannot wait for the next installment to see where Daniel takes us next.

********** 2. row ***********
      name: Megan Allen
     stamp: 2019-08-23
     stars: 4
   content: Fun book to read, really draws you in to the world and the characters. Left me wanting to read more! A little extra on the swearing.

********** 3. row ***********
      name: C. Wyatt
     stamp: 2019-05-14
     stars: 5
     title: Great book!
   content: This is first book I have read by author Daniel Verastiqui and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I will now go back and read the rest of his books.

********** 4. row ***********
      name: Dennis Nuel
     stamp: 2019-09-28
     stars: 4
     title: Very good addition to the Vinestead Universe
   content: It may be Verastiqui's best novel so far.

It's hard to review this book without giving anything away.

We follow 2 timelines. (This is not a time travel book.)

In the future, there's an evil genocidal synthetic (robot) out to purge the world of pesky humans.

Meanwhile in August of 2017 in Austin, TX, we follow a Youtube blogger, a Brinks driver, and a tech worker living their lives. Something doesn't seem right about their world, and I don't just mean Youtube commenters.

Well written, and the Austinites are good relatable characters.

The book stands on its own. This is most closely tied to Perion Synthetics and to a lesser degree the other Vinestead novels, but you don't have to have read any of those previous Verastiqui/Vinestead works (including Perion Synthetics) to understand or enjoy this book.

No sex in this one, but lots and lots of violence in the future.

********** 5. row ***********
      name: Nelson Kerr
     stamp: 2019-07-04
     stars: 5
   content: This was a great read. There are several storylines that are advanced throughout and the way in which everything is brought to resolution was, for me, very satisfying. The book manages to stand on its own, meaning you don’t have to have read the earlier books to enjoy it; however, those who have read the others will have a different and perhaps richer appreciation for what the author has done here. If you’re a fan of sci/fi this is a great read. If you’re a fan of the author’s earlier work it’s a must read. Good pacing and just an all around well done book. I could make comparisons to other books that are in a similar vein but don’t want to spoil the experience or mislead anyone. Just read it, you won’t be sorry.

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