Sorry About That


So I get an alert from Wordpress along the lines of Hey, your site is blowin' up, dog, which was weird for a couple of reasons. First, that kind of language is not very professional, and second, my site never blows up. After a little research, I discovered the extra traffic was because I had installed a new Wordpress theme. Why did I do that? Because it had been 24 hours since I last installed a...

Fixing a WordPress Redirect Hack


So I got a frantic call from my BFF who said,┬áDaniel, your Science Fiction novels are so good. Can you help me fix my website? This BFF obviously knows how to preface a question, so I agreed to take a look. What I found was both confusing and arousing, and after fixing it, I said to myself,┬áDaniel, your Science Fiction novels are so good, but you’re never going to remember how to fix this...

photo of Daniel Verastiqui and his writing partner Jetson


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