Vinestead Universe


Flashes From The Verse: The Scavengers of Matamoros


Miguel bristled at the sudden interruption. He’d been hunched over the chassis of an MX soldado for almost an hour, trying like hell to remove its biochip without discharging any of the small but powerful capacitors. Hearing Frankie’s voice in the back of his skull wasn’t anything new, but the image he sent of dark clouds from in from Port Bagdad blotted out Miguel’s hands. For a moment, the...

Flashes from the Verse: Island Girl


All morning, Isla had stared at the water collecting in the shallow basin at the front of the cave, imagining a complex series of pulleys and levers that could transport the water the five short feet to where the rock graded down toward the ocean. Cutting through the rock would be impossible—she couldn’t think of a tool capable of cutting something that hard—so the solution would have to be...

State of the Network 2009


A collective groan filled Conference Room B in the Umbra Tower. Nearly 1,500 people had crammed into the 900-capacity room for a Q&A with leading tech players, and many of them stood in one of two snaking lines to the left and right of the main stage. They had come from all over the country to Umbra, California for the annual State of the Network conference, and after several days of...

State of the WIP


What a mess. Don't get me wrong, I love this new book. And a lot of the feedback I've been getting from beta readers is largely positive. Except for the one who didn't like the sex scenes. Or the one who thinks there's too much cussing. Or all of them who are lost because they don't have the entire Vinestead Anthology completely memorized. That's why I don't write sequels. And yet, I think I did...

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