Por Vida

30 for 30: Day 19


I published Xronixle in 2007, and I still get questions about how to pronounce the title and what the hell it means. This has led me to take greater care in the selection of titles, especially when it came to Por Vida, which had *GASP* Spanish words. Today's 3F3 is the brainstorming session I had in hopes of picking a more accessible title. I remember...

January Goodreads Giveaway: Por Vida


We are less than 90 days from the release of Hybrid Mechanics! To celebrate, I’d like to get every last soul on Earth reading my previous books. Not only will this prepare them for Book Five in the Vinestead Anthology, it will also generate revenue, increase name recognition, and hopefully, foment a paradigm shift in the basic tenets of civilization. To that end, I’m offering a FREE...

An Allegory for Anxiety


In the opening chapter of Por Vida, a survivor of the MX Invasion blows the head off a synthetic killing machine with a high-powered rifle. Later, a character uses virtual reality to plan an incursion into a heavily fortified office building. Technological wonders pervade the novel, but they are merely a smokescreen for the real issues hiding underneath.

The Broken Promise of Synthetic Transcendence


There’s nothing special about the Plummer Tower on the corner of Fountain and Gardner in Hollywood, California. It has a modern design of black windows on a gray grid and stands fifty stories tall. From the outside, you wouldn’t be able to tell it houses one of the biggest lies of the twenty-first century.Since the technology was developed twenty years ago by Perion Synthetics, more than 78,000...

Page 340


Today, I finished what will be my final proofing read-through for Por Vida. I still have to go back and accept the changes (making sure everything I added or deleted needed adding or deleting), but the last of the readthroughs is done. In a few days, I'll send the manuscript off to a professional to make 100% sure there are no grammar / spelling / stupid errors. So close to the end. It's...

Xronixle Reloaded


To pass the time and still feel like I'm writing, I've started a rewrite of Xronixle. I hope to have a new version ready by the end of 2017 to coincide with the 10 year anniversary. I've always thought Xronixle was an awesome story, but I was not an awesome writer when I published it. Ten years have taught me a few things, so I'd like to beef up that story, add some punctuation, fix the...

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