The Chicken Bone Thief


Last week, this gorgeous mofo ate an entire drumstick, bone and all, right out of my hand. Luckily, it seems years spent eating poop and cardboard has given our boy a stomach of steel, and he suffered no ill effects.

30 For 30: Day 2


Today's photo is of my coworker and friend, Martta, on a very rare snowy day in Austin, Texas in 2010. I chose the photo not for the snow, or the fact that you're 65% more likely to click on a photo containing a woman than anything else, but rather for the camera that took it. In those days, real cameras still took better pictures than the iPhone in your pocket. I remember...

Baby Steps


I have become a FitBit. The most important thing in my life right now is counting the number of steps El Matador takes each day. Some days that number is two, or zero, or like the other day, seven. I can't express how exciting this seemingly mundane task is to me. I know one day he'll be running circles around me, but right now, this is amazing to watch, and honestly, I had no clue it would be.

photo of Daniel Verastiqui and his writing partner Jetson


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