The Author Goes Full Funko

Funko Pops are dumb. There, I said it. And if you stop me on the street tomorrow and ask me if Funko Pops are dumb, I’ll still say yes. I cannot understand why anyone would waste their money on what is obviously a money grab designed to play on our love of pop culture and fill our shelves with molded plastic so we have to buy more shelves which ultimately lines the pockets of Big Shelving. Up until recently, I told myself that no matter what, I would never, ever buy one of those things. I would never collect the set. And I didn’t… until Letterkenny.

To be fair…

What is life if we can’t be hypocrites every now and again? I’ll tell you the truth about these Letterkenny Funko Pops even though you’re not going to believe me: I bought them to support the show! That’s right. I’m hoping that by increasing the sales of these Pops, it will somehow keep the show on the air and give it the worldwide attention that it deserves. I certainly didn’t buy them because I want to play with them; I bought them so I could build a shrine to the show I love.

I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. I didn’t buy all of these at once because I just had to have them. I couldn’t… they only released the main four characters at first. I snatched those up pretty quick and was only mildly annoyed I didn’t have any lawn chairs for them to sit in. The duos came next, which rounded out the cast nicely. All we’re missing now are all of the McMurrays, Gail, Glen, and Tannis. But not Dierks. Never Dierks, you Fisher-Stevens-looking mofo.

I still kinda think Funko Pops are dumb, but I like having these guys on my shelf. Maybe I should take them out of the boxes so I don’t have to see all the Funko marketing. But then I think about the future and how much these will be worth in 2040. Probably millions. And that could send my kid(s) to college.

Anyway, maybe if they come to town again, I’ll try to get the cast to sign them just so I can hear Wayne tell me I’m ten-ply.

Letterkenny Live in Austin, Texas – 2022