How I Lost Weight Doing Absolutely Nothing


Time flies when you have your first child, and though I'm happy Matador is burning through his Terrible Twos, I miss the days of his infancy where, if you put him somewhere, he would stay there. Then there was all the napping. That was nice too. But nowadays, he wants to run from room to room, he wants to sit down and stand up, and he wants to ride on my back while I buck like a horse.

In Pursuit of Dad Bod: Four Fitness Options Compared


It's not easy maintaining the perfect dad bod. You have to keep your arms and legs slim while eating enough carbs and sugar to let your stomach balloon out to a second trimester baby bump. You're already tired running around after your kid, and with the cost of diapers rising to inkjet cartridge levels, money is tighter than ever. So when it comes to fitness, it's important to choose the solution...

Working Out With the Bundys


Running on a treadmill is terrible. All exercise, is in fact, inherently wrong. We're all going to wake up in our stasis tubes some day and shake our heads at the amount of time and pain we spent trying to keep virtual avatars "healthy."

The Infinity Push-up Challenge


Scientific studies suggest that the number of push-ups you can do correlates to how much money you’ll earn, how many people love you, and how many grocery bags you can carry in one trip. Not only that, push-ups hit all the important muscle groups: biceps, triceps, and even the little-known diceps. And nothing fills out an Abercrombie v-neck like a cartoonishly large set of traps, just ask All...

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