El Matador

Conversations With Matador


Scene: Kitchen at sunrise. Smell of bread warming in the toaster. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” playing un-ironically on the Amazon Echo. A wubanub sails through the air and lands at the feet of Daniel (D). Matador, still in his pajamas, glowers intensely.

30 for 30: Day 24


From the moment I learned Dom was pregnant, the idea that I was going to be a father always seemed far away, just sometime in the future. Even as her stomach got bigger, even as we built a crib and picked out names, fatherhood never felt immediate. Today's 3F3 is from one of the first quiet moments I shared with my son. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 21


Baby's comin' home tomorrow. Ain't that news? Man, ain't that news? Today's 3F3 is from the day my life shifted into high gear and never slowed down. It's not every day that your dreams come true, so I'm glad Dom had multiple cameras going when she gave me this news. I remember...

Tracking Well


For some reason, El Matador is really into trains, so this past weekend, we headed out to the Cedar Park Railroad to ride. It was a short 15 minute jaunt around the park and behind some houses. There were butterflies and people playing cricket. And all the while, Matador simply leaned back in his mom’s lap and took it all in. There’s so much to do around Austin… and we’d...

Morning Routine


From the day El Matador was born, Dom and I disagreed about how much routine he actually needed. Did he always have to get up at the same time? Did the naps have to be so rigidly scheduled? 19 months later, I can definitively say, yes. Yes to all of it.

Baby Steps


I have become a FitBit. The most important thing in my life right now is counting the number of steps El Matador takes each day. Some days that number is two, or zero, or like the other day, seven. I can't express how exciting this seemingly mundane task is to me. I know one day he'll be running circles around me, but right now, this is amazing to watch, and honestly, I had no clue it would be.

Naps of a Micro Nature


El Matador has begun taking micro-naps whenever the mood hits him. They only last 5 – 10 seconds before he’s up and at it again, but it’s still interesting to see him learning he can control his own downtime. I love this kid. Everything he does amazes me.

On Sharing El Matador


As parents, Dom and I have years and years of decisions to make for our little Matador, but one thing we both agreed on months before his birth was that we weren’t going to be those people who saturate their social media feeds with pictures of their kids. You guys know what babies look like; you don’t need us cluttering up your feed. Instead, I told her I’d find a way for us to share photos and...

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