The Chicken Bone Thief


Last week, this gorgeous mofo ate an entire drumstick, bone and all, right out of my hand. Luckily, it seems years spent eating poop and cardboard has given our boy a stomach of steel, and he suffered no ill effects.

30 for 30: Day 23


Jetson will eat anything. It’s pretty disgusting sometimes when he’s outside. Inside, it’s not so much disgusting as it is annoying. You’ve really got to keep an eye on your food in this house. Today’s 3F3 is from the time Jetson stole my Chipotle. I remember…

30 for 30: Day 14


Exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. It's easier said than done when your 50 pound dog climbs onto the couch next to you and wants to snuggle. Today's 3F3 is a photo of Jetson, a Swiss German Shepherd we fostered and later adopted. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 10


We adopted Cheyenne when she was just two months old, so I ended up working from home for a few weeks to help her acclimate. Today's 3F3 reminds me of the days I spent corralling a tiny animal from her crate to a pee pad, often without success. I remember...

So You Slept With Your Dog


Despite my many years in veterinary school, I was unaware dogs had an ACL (or CCL, cranial cruciate ligament, if you want to get pedantic). You know who was also unaware dogs had an ACL? Our dog. Six year old American Eskimo mix, Cheyenne. So, when in the course of canine frivolity, Cheyenne tore her ACL, it was just one of many surprises she experienced in that moment.

I Miss Bitstrips


I don't read comics, but I like making them. That is, I like making them when they're not too much work, and no site made it easier than bitstrips.com. I loved that site. Now it's gone and I'm sad. But I still have some comics I made about the two things I love most: writing and m'pups. If anyone knows of a replacement, please let me know. 

photo of Daniel Verastiqui and his writing partner Jetson


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