Doctor Sleep


Book Review: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King


With the exception of the opening scene, Doctor Sleep is not quite the scare fest I was expecting. As the author notes in his afterword, a different King wrote The Shining, and a different you is reading Doctor Sleep. Maybe that was why none of it seemed very terrifying. In fact, it read more like a thriller than anything else, a classic will the hero figure it out in time type of book. That...

We Were On a Break


While the length of time may vary, most writers agree that you should take some kind of break between drafts of your book, especially if you're still deep in revisions, as I am with Brigham Plaza. I used to see these breaks as reprieves. A whole month of not writing? How restful! These days, they are annoying necessities, and the only way to survive them is to distract myself by writing blog...

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