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Diving head first into the shallow pool of Amazon Advertising

I independently published my first book in 2004, and since then, I've tried all sorts of services and gimmicks to turn them into best sellers. BookBub, email lists, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Goodreads ads...

I’m not good at graphic design, and here’s more proof

On paper, the idea of a book trailer makes sense. So much of what we consume on the webernets is in video form, although usually it's in a tiny window with the sound off as we struggle to read the captions. It...

Not My Forte

I can think of dozens of things I might say on my death bed 200 years from now, but one thing I'm sure I won't say is: boy, I wish I'd spent more time marketing. If anything, I will lament how much time and...

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Why I Moo and So Should You

I've been a big fan of Moo.com for a long time, and I've dutifully designed and distributed business cards for each of my books' releases. While this has worked well for years, lately I've been dissatisfied with...

The Vinestead Anthology

The Vinestead Anthology

So I ask you, fellow authors: If you were trying to market standalone novels that shared the same universe, would you use the series tag? Why / why not?

Wake or Be Woken

Wake or Be Woken

It's never too early to start freaking out about having to write a book description that will somehow magically convince people they need to read my latest Science Fictional opus. I have never, not once, written a book...

Live Forever

Live Forever

When it comes to getting reviews for your books, you have two options: bribery or write a killer book. Bribery's a lot easier.

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