Generally Speaking

Postcards from the frozen tundra of Austin, Texas


On February 14, 2021, a winter storm unlike anything I've ever seen before descended upon the shorts-wearing, taco-loving, generally good-natured city of Austin, Texas. We knew it was coming. The week prior, we all laughed at the predictions in our weather apps. More snow? Ha! Single digit temps? Ha! Ice on the roads? Yeah, okay, that happens. But no one was expecting what came next: no power, no...

REPOST: Paw Prints in the Poop – A Petrospective


Dom and I learned a lot about dogs in our first year with Cheyenne, from how to raise a puppy to how to properly scrub pee out of a carpet. It’s strange that even with all the hard work and property damage, we ultimately decided that one dog simply wasn’t enough. This wasn’t a personal decision; Cheyenne really needed a brother. Here’s a look back at 2014 and everything we’ve learned about living...

Mind Your Burrito, Jesus


I've sometimes referred to Jetson as my writing partner, but it's not in a cutesy way in which I imply he puts his paws on the keyboard and smashes out a few sentences. Whether it was the early morning or late at night, Jetson was always by my side when I was writing. If I hit a wall, I'd turn and pet him for a while. I'd bounce ideas off him. And when I finished a chapter, he would be there to...

Merry Christmas. I got you a book.


A little elf told me you've been very good this year. You washed your hands. You wore your mask. You kept six feet away from strangers. There is only one gift that can repay such good behavior: a pulse-pounding gut-rattling dystopian cyber-thriller novel written by a mildly Hispanic child of the 80s who maybe stole too much from Neuromancer and Altered Carbon.

Thursday Roundup 8/20


In today's Thursday Roundup, we look at the things keeping me from falling too deeply into the soft arms of insanity. Who knew when we closed our doors five months ago that we'd still be standing at our windows wishing for a simpler time when we could go outside and mouth kiss our neighbors. Because that's what we did before the quarantine, right? I don't know; it has been such a long time. Such...

Thirty Days of Distance


March 12th was a Thursday, and I had taken a half-day from work to go see Megan about a new tattoo. While there, we discussed the only news story that mattered: the corona virus. How would it affect business? Can you believe they cancelled SXSW? What would the future hold? An hour later, with my arm wrapped and tender to the touch, I said goodbye with what Fox News once called a terrorist fist...

40 For 40: Day 1


It's Corona Days on Planet Earth right now, and everyone with a birthday in the last two weeks or upcoming twelve months is lamenting how they won't get to celebrate their big bash. Normally, I wouldn't add my name to the list of complainers, but it's not every day that you turn 40 years old. Today's 4F4 is from my private celebration of making it to middle age. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 30


I don't have a good sense of how much Dom wanted to be a mom. All I can reference is how much effort she puts into Matador, and based on that, I can only assume she's wanted to be a mom for longer than she's been alive. Today's 3F3 is a photo of Matador's Halloween costume that Dom made from scratch. I remember...

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