It’s Okay to Forget


Between the faux patriotism, virtue signaling, and outright attacks on Muslims, social media can make you feel like it's your American Duty to remember the anger, pain, and hopelessness. Well, if no one has told you today yet, it's okay to forget.

I Don’t Get #PitMad, I Get #PitEven


So much of what happens on Twitter makes no sense to me: the anthropomorphization of creative inspiration, the hostile writing advice, and of course, #PitMad. As far as I can tell, PitMad is an event where you, the aspiring novelist, tweet a short pitch for your latest bestseller. In turn, real live literary agents read your tweet and offer you money, women, and drugs. Then all your wildest...

So You Slept With Your Dog


Despite my many years in veterinary school, I was unaware dogs had an ACL (or CCL, cranial cruciate ligament, if you want to get pedantic). You know who was also unaware dogs had an ACL? Our dog. Six year old American Eskimo mix, Cheyenne. So, when in the course of canine frivolity, Cheyenne tore her ACL, it was just one of many surprises she experienced in that moment.

State of the WIP


Almost three weeks have passed since the launch of Hybrid Mechanics, and since you've already purchased, read, and reviewed that book on Amazon, I thought I'd clue you in on what's coming next. You'll be happy to know that while Hybrid Mechanics was with my editor, I was already working on a new book, tentatively titled Brigham Plaza.

New Instagram Account


Hello! I've decided to separate my awesome photos of my son, El Matador, from my obvious attempts to sell you my books. To that end, if you want to see pics and videos related to the Vinestead Universe, follow me @danielverastiqui. I'm looking to post short videos chronicling the release of Hybrid Mechanics and the drafting of Book 6, tentatively titled Brigham Plaza, all while shamelessly...

I Miss Obama


He was a cool dude and had great taste in books. You wouldn't have known it by looking at him, but Obama loved the Science Fiction. If he were still President, he would shut down the government until Hybrid Mechanics is released.

Mairzy Dotes and Dozey Dotes


I listen to a lot of Children's music, and it got worse when El Matador was born. Usually, it's just playing in the background as an alternative to the black silence that will someday consume us all. I'm a big fan of Charlie Hope and Caspar Babypants, but a song that recently caught my ear was called Marzidotes in Pandora. If you stop bathing your child and actually listen to the words, you'll...

The Dark Place


One of the things "they" don't tell you about parenthood is that at some point, you may feel like a prisoner in your own home. Your wonderful bundle of joy becomes a tether, and the outside world takes on a magical, limitless quality that makes you yearn for freedom. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to combat this feeling is to invite people over, feed them pizza, and let them regale you with...

And This is How I Email


I went on a business trip this week to Maryland, home of the Marylanders, and in the course of setting up transportation and lodging and all of those other things, I had to give out my email address way too many times. But you know what, I hate giving out my email address. As an ardent opponent of advertising, I really hate spam. Like, really hate it. Thus, I needed a way to keep my personal...

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