Thirty Days of Distance


March 12th was a Thursday, and I had taken a half-day from work to go see Megan about a new tattoo. While there, we discussed the only news story that mattered: the corona virus. How would it affect business? Can you believe they cancelled SXSW? What would the future hold? An hour later, with my arm wrapped and tender to the touch, I said goodbye with what Fox News once called a terrorist fist...

40 For 40: Day 1


It's Corona Days on Planet Earth right now, and everyone with a birthday in the last two weeks or upcoming twelve months is lamenting how they won't get to celebrate their big bash. Normally, I wouldn't add my name to the list of complainers, but it's not every day that you turn 40 years old. Today's 4F4 is from my private celebration of making it to middle age. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 30


I don't have a good sense of how much Dom wanted to be a mom. All I can reference is how much effort she puts into Matador, and based on that, I can only assume she's wanted to be a mom for longer than she's been alive. Today's 3F3 is a photo of Matador's Halloween costume that Dom made from scratch. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 29


It's only natural that when you become a parent, you start thinking about all the things you used to do before you became a parent. "We used to be cool," you say. You end up trying to reclaim some of those younger days, even if they weren't as awesome as you remember. Today's 3F3 is from the time we went back to ACL... and remembered why it had been so long since we went! I remember...

State of the WIP: Pandemic Edition


My hope is that my novels distract you from that anger for a little while. But do remember: just because I'm still talking about my little cyberpunk hacker book doesn't mean I don't care about what's happening in the world. I do care. I care to the point that I can taste the anger.

30 for 30: Day 28


I was six months old when my parents first took me on a plane. Before you judge them too harshly, you should know they didn't have a choice. Matador was about to turn 2 when we took him on a plane for the first time, and you know what, we really didn't have a choice either. Today's 3F3 is from the time we went to a wedding. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 27


You know, it's not every day you get married. Some people only do it once their entire life. Others, not even once. So it's with gratitude that I post today's 3F3, from the day Dom and I tied the knot. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 26


You can’t go home again. That’s just true. Thomas Wolfe wrote a whole book about it. Or his editor did, anyway. Today’s 3F3 is from that time when I went home again, back to the place where my first novel was born. I remember…

30 for 30: Day 25


Like many people, I spent most of my life afraid to get a tattoo. Between the permanence and the pain, you really have to be sure about what you're getting etched into your skin. Today's 3F3 is from the time I finally took the plunge and crossed over from "not tattooed" to awesome. I remember...

30 for 30: Day 24


From the moment I learned Dom was pregnant, the idea that I was going to be a father always seemed far away, just sometime in the future. Even as her stomach got bigger, even as we built a crib and picked out names, fatherhood never felt immediate. Today's 3F3 is from one of the first quiet moments I shared with my son. I remember...

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