Never Be Game Over

The Burn:Cycle Connection


If I had to choose a couple of examples of the aesthetic I try to bring to my novels, one would be the 1995 cinematic masterpiece Hackers, and the other the 1994 groundbreaking FMV video game Burn:Cycle. Adjectives mine. This game and this movie were an incredible one-two punch of style and attitude that landed squarely in 14/15 year old me's brain. And although my books tend to be more Matrix...

Return to City 17


Aside from a few interesting titles like Arizona Sunshine and Rick & Morty VR, there haven't been a lot of GREAT titles in VR. There are zombie simulators and gun range simulators, but I've probably spent more time in Google Earth than anything else. So it was with complete gut-dropping glee that I heard Valve was releasing a new Half-Life story exclusively in VR. Of course, there was that little...

Bring Home the Beef


Shopping for a graphics card isn’t all that hard. Step 1: wait for a new version of Far Cry to come out. Step 2: Go to Amazon and buy the best card you can get for $350. Step 3: Turn up your graphics settings from Med to *gasp* High! And that’s it. Now you’ve spent $350 and can enjoy moderately better graphics! What a time to be alive….

What I’m Playing This Month


Every so often, I see a post on Kotaku titled What are you playing this weekend? And I never answer because A) I don't comment on the Internet and B) the game I'm playing is one of sadness and unrequited desire. Please direct your attention to the photo of PS4 games above. It might be hard to see because of the image quality, but the last two games on the right are still wrapped. Every day, I...

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