Bring Home the Beef

Shopping for a graphics card isn’t all that hard. Step 1: wait for a new version of Far Cry to come out. Step 2: Go to Amazon and buy the best card you can get for $350. Step 3: Turn up your graphics settings from Med to *gasp* High! And...

Late to the Game: Horizon Zero Dawn

And I guess that's the final comment: If the choice is between Horizon Zero Dawn and sleep, I'm choosing HZD. As the father of an 18-month-old, I can think of no higher compliment.

What I’m Playing This Month

What I’m Playing This Month

Every so often, I see a post on Kotaku titled What are you playing this weekend? And I never answer because A) I don't comment on the Internet and B) the game I'm playing is one of sadness and unrequited desire. Please direct your attention to the...

Astroneer Adventures

Alone on a planet with nothing to sustain me. Just minerals. And storms. And a severe lack of oxygen.

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