Body by Pop-Tarts

How I Lost Weight Doing Absolutely Nothing

Time flies when you have your first child, and though I'm happy Matador is burning through his Terrible Twos, I miss the days of...
Daniel Verastiqui
4 min read

In Pursuit of Dad Bod: Four Fitness Options Compared

It's not easy maintaining the perfect dad bod. You have to keep your arms and legs slim while eating enough carbs and sugar to...
Daniel Verastiqui
6 min read

Go Get It

I'm very self-conscious when I run. And Dom's reassurance of nobody's looking at you is hard to believe because when I'm out driving and...
Daniel Verastiqui
48 sec read

Man on the Run

Been seeing a lot of sunrises lately. I like going for a run in the morning, at first light, which is around 6:15/6:30 this...
Daniel Verastiqui
30 sec read

Working Out With the Bundys

Running on a treadmill is terrible. All exercise, is in fact, inherently wrong. We're all going to wake up in our stasis tubes some...
Daniel Verastiqui
49 sec read

The Last Stop on the Road to Fatsville

A few years ago, while waiting around for class to start at Austin Impact Jeet Kune Do, I got the bright idea...

Daniel Verastiqui
5 min read

Five Years of Jeet Kune Do

I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen a Bruce Lee movie start to finish. I saw Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, and loved...

Daniel Verastiqui
3 min read

The Infinity Push-up Challenge

Scientific studies suggest that the number of push-ups you can do correlates to how much money you’ll earn, how many people love you, and...

Daniel Verastiqui
2 min read