Postcards from the frozen tundra of Austin, Texas

On February 14, 2021, a winter storm unlike anything I've ever seen before descended upon the shorts-wearing, taco-loving, generally good-natured city of Austin, Texas. We knew it was coming. The week prior, we all laughed at the predictions in our weather apps. More snow? Ha! Single digit temps? Ha! Ice on the roads? Yeah, okay, that happens. But no one was expecting what came next: no power, no water, and horror stories of people struggling to stay warm.

Elaine’s About to Die

It's always awkward to join a new group. Worse, most adults experience this in a fitness setting: Camp Gladiator, Soul Cycle, Orange Theory, and the like. What do you say to people at six in the morning who just want to get in their workout and get out? Well, if you're awkward man-child Daniel Verastiqui, sometimes you say Elaine's about to die. And sometimes, you say it to the woman standing right next to you, who just happens to be, you guessed it, Elaine.

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