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Hi. I’m Daniel Verastiqui.

I am a Science Fiction author and independent publisher. My novels explore the effects of technological advancement on relationships and identity. Since 2004, I have published six novels and two collections of short stories.

Like many writers, I started when I was young, after being inspired by the likes of Ray Bradbury and Ken Grimwood. As a tech and gaming enthusiast, I enjoy writing stories that examine cool new technologies in a fast-paced, action-heavy environment. I also try to keep a strong emotional core to each story by focusing on interpersonal relationships and how technology can amplify or diminish human nature.

Currently, my published novels take place in a shared alternate reality and feature many of the same characters, companies, and historical events. Common to each story is the presence of a sinister conglomerate known as Vinestead International, which is why this series of standalone novels are referred to as The Vinestead Anthology.

My writing is inspired by Science Fiction classics like Neuromancer, Altered Carbon, Snow Crash, and anything by Asimov or PKD. Here’s a larger list of my favorite books.


I’m a military brat and have lived in many exotic places like Brindisi, Italy, Misawa, Japan, and San Angelo, Texas. I attended college at The University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a BA in English and a minor in Computer Science. Ten years ago, I met my future wife and now we live in a mid-Colonial yurt in (a suburb of) Austin with our son, El Matador, and pup Cheyenne.


By day, I am the Director of Technical Services at Uplogix, Inc., a former tech startup in Austin, Texas that provides a premier out-of-band network management solution. I joined the company in 2006 as the first member of the Technical Support team and am now responsible for several departments, including Sales Engineering, Technical Support, Documentation, and internal IT. My primary focus is on customer advocacy, building relationships, and providing a comprehensive solution that includes both cutting-edge technology and first-class service and support.

Working at Uplogix has allowed me to sharpen skills related to internetworking, Linux operating systems, and web development. I know enough about Cisco to get in trouble, I can do a release upgrade on Ubuntu or CentOS without crying too much, and I’m good enough with PHP, CSS, and MySQL to get a job developing web applications in 2011. As with writing, my professional work is mostly about problem solving.


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