Hi, I’m Daniel Verastiqui.

I’ve been writing stories since I was nine years old, and I have the embarrassing documents to prove it.

I didn’t have a computer in those days, but what I did have was a Smith-Corona Electric Typewriter with built-in whiteout. Typing out my silly stories that machine made me feel like a real writer, but since Twitter didn’t exist in those days either, I couldn’t tell anyone about it.

In my early teens, I discovered two things: girls, and girls aren’t really impressed with short stories. What they were impressed by, however, were poems. So, for a while, I did poetry instead, and I have the embarrassing documents to prove it.

tender are the bonds, frayed at the tips…
essence of my life, flowing over your lips…

Girls stopped caring about my poetry around the turn of the century, which is when I returned to writing stories again. Blogs had just become a thing, and I used mine to experiment with random pieces of fiction.

First, she said;
quantity not quality,
perfection is unattainable,
the multitudinous sea incarnadine,
I agreed, but not after much debate. Then;

… she was off, running quickly down the green hill, on the very edge of self control, her arms outstretched to hold her balance and her long hair flowing in the artificial wind. Her dress billows and folds, briefly revealing her legs in a flash and then gone again. The speed is too much for her as she reaches the bottom and she falls. I rise to help but before I move, her laughter penetrates the blue sky, echoing off cloud after cloud. I start down the hill slowly, having given up running to when I was younger. The grass was soft between my toes, supported now by her quieting laughter. I stopped above her, looking down onto her face. Her hand goes up to block the sun while she looks at me. A smile rests on her face and her eyes…

Halfway through my time at the University of Texas at Austin, I switched majors from Computer Science to English, which exposed me to so many great classes on creative writing, literary critique, literary interpretation, and more. I used all of that accumulated knowledge to release my first collection of short stories, The Sum of Memory. A couple years later, I released another collection, Destination Okinawa.

For a few years after that, the short stories seemed to dry up. I would write something, and I kept finding I couldn’t limit it to 10, 15, or 20 thousand words. The stories wanted to keep going, so I let them.

This led to the release of the (so far) five novels of the Vinestead Anthology, Xronixle, Veneer, Perion Synthetics, Por Vida, and Hybrid Mechanics. As of this writing, I’m finishing up work on the sixth book, Brigham Plaza.

I’m now comfortable in my routine of writing dystopian cyber-thrillers. I have a process, and it works. As far as I can predict, I will continue writing novels until the diabeetus gets me.

Personal Life

I married a fellow Longhorn in March of 2018. Her name is Dominique. She prefers to live off the grid, so that’s all I’m authorized to tell you about her. Together, she and I have a son, El Matador, who also lives off the grid. We also have two adorable pups, Jetson and Cheyenne. Their canine brains can’t even comprehend the grid, so I have no qualms about posting pictures of them.

ACL 2019, Weekend One, The Hot Weekend

When I’m not spending time with the Verastiqui Pack, I enjoy a good run-and-gun video game, science fiction movies, and the occasional Totino’s party pizza.

Oh, and one time I hugged my dentist.

Professional Experience

Verastiqui Science Fiction Concern

I founded VerastiquiSFC in the summer of 1990 to help with the business side of indie publishing. Our first offices were nothing more than bedrooms shared with my younger brother, Mark, the founder of Verastiqui G.I. Joe Concern. From that tiny bedroom and its one Smith-Corona electric typewriter, VerastiquiSFC has grown into a multinational media conglomerate, and I am honored and blessed to have been along for the ride. My role as Staff Writer is to provide the company with the best Science Fiction ideas I can possibly muster, and boy, do I have at least three.

Uplogix, Inc.

Uplogix makes the most advanced out-of-band terminal servers on the planet. I know this because I’ve worked there since before I can remember. As Director of Technical Services, I’m responsible for the customer experience from that first cold call in the middle of the night to the day-to-day usage of our products. The most important part of my job is customer advocacy, which means speaking for the customer at the daily stand-ups and sit-downs and working lunches and forced frivolity activities.

Central, leave the Janus files unlocked!

Over the years, I’ve helped develop processes for helping customers through their lifecycle and defined the customer service attitude of your problem is my problem. To ensure a mutually beneficial customer experience, I’ve developed a suite a web applications using PHP/MySQL to manage customer data and interactions.

Custom-built documentation library application with local editing and revisioning.

In Summary

I’m just a mildly Hispanic man who loves to write stories looking for a mildly interested person to read them.

If you know anyone like that, send ’em my way.

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