First Look:
Vise Manor,
Vaught Residence,

First Look: Vise Manor, Vaught Residence, Interior, Day

There’s a well-known rule that if you intend to publish traditionally, you should never, under any circumstances, post excerpts of your manuscript on the internet. But what if you’re an indie publisher? Well, then you, my fellow glutton for punishment and disappointment, you can do whatever the F you want. With that said, I’ve made the first (unrevised, unedited) chapter of Vise Manor available on my website, and you can read it right now.

Are you sure about this?

While Louis Sachar may not tell anyone about his books until they’re done, you and I are not under that obligation. Where, when, and how we tell people about our new books, whether they’re finished or not, is completely up to us. Sometimes, I have these grand ideas of the Sachar route and not telling anyone anything until the book appears on Amazon, but after seven books, I’ve found that I’d rather take my fun where I can get it.

Isn’t it too early?

Look, aside from the story itself, there’s not much to get excited about when you’re revising a book. It’s just work. Lonely work. You can try telling your wife about your progress, but she may ignore you and ask why you ate all the golden Oreos. And now you’re in trouble instead of getting back to work.

Anything I should know before reading?

No. It’s a Vinestead Anthology book through and through. Set your expectations accordingly.

Anything I should do after reading?

Yes. Add Vise Manor to your to-read list on Goodreads.

If you enjoy the preview, @ me on Twitter and let me know what you thought.

Enough stalling. Let me at it!

Click the cover to read Chapter 1 of Vise Manor!

Cover of Vise Manor by Daniel Verastiqui

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