Easter is Over

Finally, Easter is Over

Content Warning: So much bird poop. Oh, you’re still here? Well, I’m happy to report that we’re now empty-nesters, and the Easter wreath can finally come down. Here are some photos from the journey.

The four eggs hatched around the 23rd of April.
They grew pretty quickly. This is April 29th.
This guy is daring me to say anything about his squalid living conditions on May 1.
Mom and Dad kept watch from a safe distance. They took turns yelling at us when we got near the door.
Poop is everywhere on May 3. I wonder if we’ll need a new front door.
May 7, such big boys/girls. Chirping loudly in the morning.
On May 9, two of the birds fly off when I open the door. The other two fly off later. We see the family reconvene on the fence near our bird feeder.
I chased away the bigger birds so they little guys can eat.
May 9, evening. They grow up so quick and poop so much.

I wanted to take the nest down, since according to Google, the birds won’t use it again. Dom suggested we give it a few days just to make sure the kids don’t need a place to crash tonight. She played the Mother’s Day card, so I gave in.

Bonus pic:

We have a large variety of birds that come to the feeder. This is Ol’ Blue. We call him that because he’s depressed.

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