Merry Christmas. I got you a book.

Merry Christmas. I got you a book.

A little elf told me you’ve been very good this year. You washed your hands. You wore your mask. You kept six feet away from strangers. There is only one gift that can repay such good behavior: a pulse-pounding gut-rattling dystopian cyber-thriller novel written by a mildly Hispanic child of the 80s who maybe stole too much from Neuromancer and Altered Carbon. Still, a gift is a gift, and like it or not, you can’t return it.

But seriously.

Merry Christmas. It’s been a tough year. If reading some Science Fiction while huddled in your bunker waiting for 2020 to end brings you some peace and joy, then I’m happy to help provide the material.

Enjoy the book. Support indie writers. Wear your mask.

May your 2021 not be a horrible nightmare from which none of us can awaken.


Peppermint the Elf says Merry Christmas in her own special way.

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