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In the midst of one of the most nightmarish years in my lifetime, I am releasing a new book. If I were a patient man, I would have waited, maybe a year or two (or four, depending), before interrupting stories of disease, racism, and autocracies with silly ads for a sillier book. But I’m not a patient man. And no matter how bad it gets out there, I will still be here, at my desk, writing stories. Today, I give you Brigham Plaza.

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I won’t try too hard to sell you this book. It’s cyberpunk. It’s science fiction. There are hackers and synthetics humans and multiple trips to Blockbuster Video. It’s a standalone novel in an anthology with five other books, and mixes old characters with some new ones. I wrote it mostly as a love letter to simpler times when “getting online” meant dialing up to a BBS to trade messages in teleconference.

Like all good sci-fi stories, there’s at heart here an adventure – with just enough noir mystery to keep us wanting to know more; just enough tech-supported almost-superhero action to speed the heart up; and characters with lives, ideas, and thoughts of their own to keep us involved.

Carl G.

If you’re wondering where Brigham Plaza fits into the Vinestead Universe chronologically, please consult this graphical image.

Brigham Plaza is like a campy Neuromancer, a bit more pulp and a bit less serious.

Jared H.

And that’s it, my friends. Another novel added to the anthology. Read it. Enjoy it. Post a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Then wait patiently for the next.

In the meantime, I’ll get back to work.

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