I’m not good at graphic design, and here’s more proof


On paper, the idea of a book trailer makes sense. So much of what we consume on the webernets is in video form, although usually it’s in a tiny window with the sound off as we struggle to read the captions. It just so happened the other day that I saw a blog post about creating book trailers, and they mentioned that Canva can do it now. So I loaded up the ol’ computer and went to have a look for myself. An hour later, I had this:

It’s nothing to blog home about, but I did like how easy Canva made everything. It helps to think of it more like a PowerPoint on autoplay. You make your slides, choose your theme song, and bam, instant book trailer. What’s missing are all the great controls you’d get in a true video editor, like seeing your clips on a timeline or adjusting the audio for each one. If you want to augment the theme song with some sound effects, you’re out of luck.

If you’ve got the Pro version of Canva, you’ll have a lot of extra music and video clips available to you. The site says you have an “open license” to use it, but don’t think you can just upload it to YouTube with impunity:

Ultimately, I like this extra feature of Canva, though I’m not sure when else I’m going to use it. You kinda have to have an eye for graphics and video, or else you get the results you see above. I don’t have that kind of skill, which is a real bummer, because my books have gone without adequate marketing for years and years.

I firmly believe an adequate or even mediocre marketing plan is just what my career needs to take it to the next level where Robert Rodriguez starts making movies out of my books.

I’m just one good book trailer away from that reality.

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