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But if you’ve got a finskie, won’t you lay your money down?

Everyone’s got a side hustle, and mine is writing dystopian cyber-thrillers loosely based on my experiences as a teenage hacker trying to take down a global conglomerate with my knowledge of LOGO and a 28.8bps modem. My books won’t make you healthier, stronger, or more attractive. They aren’t unique pieces of art you can hang on your wall. But they will take you to an alternate reality where Trump isn’t president, there’s no global pandemic, and Terminators 3-5 were never made.

And really, doesn’t that just sound… wonderful?

If you’ve already made the smart decision to purchase Brigham Plaza, well done and congratulations. Today, I’m asking you to go ahead and pre-order your copy. In all sorts of ways I don’t understand, pre-orders influence sales rank, so having lots of copies ship on day one can only help.

So go click a few buttons here and pre-order: Pre-order Brigham Plaza

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photo of Daniel Verastiqui and his writing partner Jetson


I'm Daniel Verastiqui.

This is my blog.

I'm a Science Fiction author, so I mostly post about my experiences with writing, publishing, marketing, and self-loathing.

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This is my latest erotic dystopian cyber-thriller.

Book Cover for Brigham Plaza by Daniel Verastiqui

It’s about morally suspect celebrity hackers getting revenge for their dead friend.

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