Last Call for Advance Book Reviewers


A couple months ago, I set a goal to line up 50 advance reviewers for my newest book, Brigham Plaza. So far, I’ve only been able to secure 30, which means I’ve got some spots open for anyone who loves cyberpunk and science fiction and wants to get a free advance review copy of the book (plus some swag*).

What’s it about?

Brigham Plaza picks up three years after the events of Perion Synthetics and combines characters from previous books in a fast-paced cyber-thriller about loyalty and revenge.

Someone killed a hacker. Someone killed a sister.

Now someone has to pay.

So it’s a sequel?

Not really. All of the books in the Vinestead Anthology stand alone, though they all take place in the same universe. Characters from previous books appear, either as background players or primary characters. You know all those stories Stephen King sets in Derry? It’s like that without the clown.

Should I have read the previous books?

A few things in the story might make more sense, but if this is your first Vinestead Anthology novel, that’s great! I’d love to hear how someone with no knowledge of the previous books reacts to this one.

Is this a kissing book?

Maybe. I like writing stories about relationships and love and identity and empathy and feelings. But I also like explosions and gunfights and robots and rampant nudity. The Vinestead Anthology novels are essentially love stories wrapped in cyberpunk dystopia. I think they make a nice pairing.

What else should I know?

I’ve been independently publishing books since 2004. The only piece of writing advice I really hold to is write a book you would want to read. Brigham Plaza and all of the stories that have come before it are my idea of fun. There’s unrealistic violence, bad jokes, crazy technology, naked Jeet Kune Do… you know, the standard fun story stuff.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time, then I think you’ll enjoy the story as much as I do.

Don’t worry. Dropping the font size down one point shaved 70 pages off this beast.

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