30 for 30: Day 22


It didn’t hit me until well after the fact that Dom and I had gone to a Super Bowl. As you can see from today’s 3F3, she was crazy pregnant, so maybe that’s why a football game didn’t really register for us. We had lots of fun, of course, and we got close enough to OBJ to tell him his hair looked ridiculous, but I don’t think I really appreciated the experience until later. Once in a lifetime thing, I imagine. I remember…

The year is 2017. I’m 37 years old.

[Full story coming after American reopens]

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Daniel Verastiqui is a science fiction author from Austin, Texas. His novels explore relationships and identity in the context of ubiquitous technology, pervasive violence, and frequent nudity. His next book, Brigham Plaza, is planned for a Summer 2020 release. He recommends you start getting excited about the new book now.

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